Transition of engineering data into physical PCBs

CAM350 delivers unprecedented usability and performance. It eases the inspection, preparation, and manufacturing of PCB designs, increases speed and accuracy of all processes, and ensures optimal fabrication flow.

Today's design complexities resulting from smaller, faster and less expensive electronic products, require careful transitioning of engineering data into the PCB fabrication process. CAM350 offers a complete PCB flow, from design through fabrication, that streamlines the transition of engineering data into successful, physical PCBs.

Oriented on the PCB fabrication process, CAM350 provides tools to support both PCB Design (CAM350 for PCB Designers) and PCB fabrication (CAM350 for CAM Engineers) creating easy assimilation of PCB engineering data into and throughout the PCB fabrication cycle.

  • Deliver tools that enable smooth assimilation of engineering intent
  • Focus on improving manufacturability of PCB
  • CAM350 is a unique, powerful and robust solution for the electronics industry. The down stream process begins with CAM350 at the PCB designer's station and continues with CAM350 throughout the fabrication process. Powerful and versatile, CAM350's reputation and performance remain unrivaled.
Modules in CAM350

CAM350's modularity allows you to configure a solution to meet your exact needs, keeping in perspective your financial constraints and technical requirements. As your needs change, this structure allows you to expand and change your CAM350.
  • End-user customizable
  • Fully expandable as needs change
  • Works with any budget and technology need
  • Allows fast modifications to address competitive developments
CAM350 Modules CAM350-765 CAM350-465 CAM350-270 CAM350-110
Import x x x x
Information x x x x
Export x x x x
Modification x x x x
Optimization x x x x
Design Rule Check (DRC) x x x x
Basic NC Editor x x x x
Quote Agent x x x x
Fast Array Module x x x x
ODB++ Import x x x x
DXF Interface x x x opt.
DFF Audit x x x opt.
MRC Agent x x x opt.
Macro Debugger x x x opt.
ODB++ Export x x x opt.
Crossprobing - PADS x x x opt.
Crossprobing - Allegro x x x opt.
Streams RC x x x opt.
Panel Editor x x opt. opt.
Advanced NC Editor x x opt. opt.
DirectCAD Interface (Out Only) x opt. opt. opt.
Reverse Engineering x opt. opt. opt.
Flying Probe Editor x opt. opt. opt.
Bed of Nails Editor x opt. opt. opt.
DirectCAD Interface (In Only) opt. opt. opt. opt.
Camtek AOI opt. opt. opt. opt.

CAM350 Modules
CAM350 Datasheets