CAD Libraries

The following CAD Libraries can be purchased from Veda Consulting. End user prices and discount conditions can be obtained by submitting an Request for Quotation to Veda. For information purposes end user prices ca be seen on the Vendor's web Site.
  • W06 Allegro Libraries
  • W10 Altium Libraries
  • W05 Board Station Libraries
  • W09 CADSTAR Libraries
  • W11 CR5000 Libraries
  • W14 Eagle Libraries
  • W03 Expedition Libraries
  • W13 McCAD Libraries
  • W07 OrCAD Libraries
  • W01 PADS Resources & Libraries
  • W08 Pantheon Libraries
  • W04 P-CAD Libraries
  • W02 Pulsonix Libraries
  • W12 Ultiboard Libraries